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11 Insider Tips

To A Good Wedding

  •  1. We know that you should never get spa treatments (eyebrow waxes, facials, etc.) within 2 days of your wedding. You're makeup won't adhere to such a smooth face. Get those treatments early in the week...you'll need the stress reliever anyway.

  • 2. We know that the best way to create your dreaded seating arrangements is to use paper plates with post-it notes. The paper plate acts as your table and the post it as your place card. You can move them around and not bother yourself with scratching names out and messy papers.

  •  3. We know that you should have a final meeting with your DJ two weeks maximum before your wedding so that all of your song requests do not get lost or forgotten. You don't want last weeks wedding songs played as your own.

  •  4. We know that engagement pictures with your wedding photographer are a must. They are great to build a mutual rapport and get to know each other's style. The photographer will learn how you like to be shot and you learn how he or she likes to shoot. You also create banter between yourself and your photographer...making for a much more laid back experience. Trust us, it's needed when they are with you during the most intimate of moments.

  • 5. We know that whether with bridal portraits or not, you should always do a trial run of hair and makeup to make sure every detail is how you have always envisioned it. Your wedding day is not a day for trials.

  • 6. We know that you should read your contracts carefully! Some vendors give discounts when you pay in full or charge for things that another vendor is already offering. It is also good to know exactly what you're getting so there are no communication errors.

  • 7. We know that each family (or formal group shot) picture takes roughly 3 minutes to set up, so be mindful of how many pictures are on your "must get" list.

  • 8. We know that this is your wedding day. Details inspired from things both you and your spouse enjoy are great starting points for those "unique to you details".

  •  9. We know that your friends and family can help plan your wedding but we also know that you don't want them to work on your wedding day. Take all of their input before the big day...and let them sit back and relax as you embark on the first day of the rest of your life. Leave the wedding day and it's stresses up to professionals.

  • 10. We know that a wedding is a stressful event. Plan things for you and your spouse to do alone together the week of the wedding. This will help with open lines of communication and creating memories to last a lifetime.

  •  11. We know that you should hire your vendors for what they specialize in. When you hire people for what they do additionally, quality of product may decrease. In other words, don't hire your makeup artist to create your flowers...or your videographer to do your hair. Don't laugh...it happens.

             Happy Planning!